I have used hypopressives with some of my patients with hypertonicity with good results. It is not for everyone and needs to be introduced at the right time. But for some patients who cannot relax or contract voluntarily it helps to get some movement back into the muscles. Much like you would use a contract/relax […]


  Every day more womens health or pelvic floor physiotherapists get to know how important Low Pressure Fitness can be as a whole body program exercise that integrates core, pelvic floor and diafraghm in an excellent tool for their protocol treatments. Hear are some testimonys pelvic floor specialist have shared with us: “Low Pressure Fitness […]


Trista introduced me to the Hypopressives technique about 2 years ago. As a pelvic floor physiotherapist I see a lot of interesting new ideas for pelvic floor rehabilitation on a regular basis. What impressed me about the hypopressive technique is that it was based on sound bio-mechanical principles. The program is exercise based and does […]

I knew of the risk for my pelvic floor after such a surgery

Had heard about Low Pressure Fitness techniques before but I did not think they were for me. Then, almost a year ago I had a blood clot in a vein in my left leg. Doctors kept me in hospital for two weeks and then at home for almost two months. I had to rest as […]

I knew of the risk for my pelvic floor after such a surgery

Had heard about Low Pressure Fitness techniques before but I did not think they were for me. Then, almost a year ago I had a blood clot in a vein in my left leg. Doctors kept me in hospital for two weeks and then at home for almost two months. I had to rest as […]

low pressure fitness training course

After the training I was instantly able to transfer aspects of the technique with many of my patients

Trista, Thank you so much for sending along the certificates etc, I have been meaning to find a moment to write you a letter expressing my gratitude for all I learned during the weekend in Halifax. The training surpassed my perception of what I thought Hypopressives to be and in many ways was a life […]

OBGYN recommended hypopressives for her pelvic organ prolapse

Maria Yasinta Sri Swastiningsih was born in 1948 (Indonesia) and has suffered from pelvic organ prolapse since 2012. She asked for a medical recommendation for her stage III prolapse by several gynecologists in Indonesia who all agreed surgery would be the best option. Despite this, María Yasinta wasn´t excited about the idea of a surgery. […]

I started hypopressives to improve my breathing and posture on the bike

I started regular sessions of hypopressive exercises with the aim of enhancing my cycling performance; specifically in order to improve my breathing techniques and posture on the bike. The benefits were two-fold, relating to improvement in cycling performance and faster recovery after physical effort. The immediate benefits I noticed on the bike after the first […]

I have reduced my waistline, my tummy is firmer

I have two children aged three and five. After the birth of the first one, i got a haematoma in the epsiotomy that was undertaken, for which I had to be operated on to allow the drainageand two months of healing to form sear tissue. I undergo an annual gynaecological check-up and in the last […]

The progress I saw was so quick compared to other things

Hypopressives and Janet came to me at a critical time in my physical life. I had been suffering from problems with my sacroiliac joint for over a year and I was at a point of near desperation. I had taken physiotherapy that offered some relief, but I did not feel like I was
 making forward […]

This revolutionary approach to fitness has truly converted me and my personal training

The dreaded plank has been rated, in the United States, as the best core exercise, however the unfortunate matter is that they cause too much pressure within the abdominal cavity that could cause issues to the pelvic floor causing injuries to your internal organs, the pelvic floor and the spine. Low Pressure Fitness is a […]

Hypopressives have been the missing key

Bumby gynie history: 5 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages, 1 still birth, 1 set of identical twins (7 and 7.5 lbs., now aged 25) and 1 easy, lovely singleton (9 1/4 lbs., now aged 20). Birth traumas ended up causing a prolapsed uterus, hysterectomy at 37 years old, prolapsed bladder and rectum followed with surgery for that […]

I’m still stunned by the drastic improvement in my vocal performance

In the insanity since my sister’s new album has taken off better than expected, and I’ve been asked to suddenly put on my professional singing hat after MANY years off, I had to thank the one person who, completely by surprise, has helped me gain a level of skill and vocal strength I’ve never had […]

Hypopressives are now a significant part of our clinic’s approach with patients

I do know a fair bit about the Hypopressive technique (more details below) and feel strongly it is another great tool for many of our patients, especially those with pelvic floor conditions. When you look at the youtube videos you may think it is crazy. Once you are taught the nuances of the poses and […]

I have been able to strengthen my pelvic floor while toning and shaping my core

In my spare time I worked as a fitness instructor so after the birth of my son, I was very eager to get back into the gym and get moving! I was feeling fantastic but at 6 weeks postpartum I discovered I had a grade 2 cystocele (bladder prolapse) as a result of a very […]

I have also found that Hypopressives are very effective in the treatment of lumbo-pelvic-hip & thoracic dysfunctions

I have found in my clinical practice that the Hypopressives are an invaluable tool for patients to help themselves. The program helps to reset the “core connection” improving the recruitment and tone of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. I treat a number of women with pelvic health issues and find the Hypopressives to be […]

This training has positive implications for men’s health and sexual function, which is of interest to a 53 year old

I am a 53 year old American businessman living in Santiago, Chile. I am in average physical condition, but moderately overweight and with stubborn belly fat. I have been on the Paleo diet now for three months and have seen good results. I began sessions with a massage therapist who is trained as a kinesiologist. […]