Our team

LPF is made up of a team of entrepreneurs: Graduates in Physical Activity Sciences and Physical Therapists with wide teaching and research experience unite their efforts to launch a project aimed at providing health and wellness for everyone.


Piti Pinsach

CEO and Co-Founder
Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Specializing in fitness and electro stimulation.

Tamara Rial (PhD)

R&D&I Director and Co-Founder
International PhD. Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and Graduate in Physical Education.

Camilo Villanueva

Director of Operations and Co-Founder
Degree in Marketing and in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

LPF Coaches

Carolina Maldonado

Personal Trainer
Teacher of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation

Natalia Salamanca

Specialist in rehabilitation and personal advise

Encarni Ortiz

Specialist in Physical Activity and Health
Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, & Physical Therapy studies

Ana Belén Gómez

Postural fitness trainer
Specialist in pre and postpartum gymnastic

Paloma González

Sports coach
Degree in Psychology, Technique in fitness and psychomotricity

David Palleiro

Physical Educator
Specialist in motor rehabilitation

Olga García

Personal Trainer
Specialist in postural techniques and healthy nutrition

Harry Setiarso

Personal Coach &  Yoga Instructor
Specialist in postures treatment

Abby Lord

Low Pressure Fitness Trainer

Hugo Loureiro

Personal coach
Specialist in functional training & wellness

Tatiana Guevara

Specialist in global postural reeducation

Shirley Boerssen

Personal training and pilates instructor
Specialising in women’s health and wellness

Elizabeth Morel

Physical Therapist
Women’s Health and pediatrics specialist.

Michelle Weber

Dancer, choreographer and Pilates instructor
Women’s Health, Maternal Wellness and Pre & Post Natal Fitness specialist.

Angela Mueller

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic health and sports specialist.

Paula Campanero

Personal Trainer
Specializing in high performance.

Natalia Tenedor

Yoga Instructor
LPF Coach in several countries.

Mimi Adami

Degree in Exercise Science Specializing in Fitness
Author of AquaFitness: The Low Impact Total Body Fitness Workout.

Aina Fransoy

Degree in Physical Therapy
Specializing in the pre- and post-natal period (treating gynecological pathologies).

Igor Gutiérrez

Physical exercise trainer and personal coach
Specialist in postural reeducation.

Trista Zinn

Personal Coach
Specializing in pelvic floor reprogramming.

Isabel Amoedo

Graduate in Physical Education
High-performance physical coach.

Eunice Mora

Graduate in Physical Activity and Health
Physical coach for athletes.

Verónica Castro

Professional and Olympic Gymnast
Owner of a training center.

Carol Lemes

Graduate in Coaching by Unicamp
Specialist in Biomechanics.

Daniel Serra

Degree in Physical Education
Teacher, specialized in mountain sports.

Vadim Mishin

Degree in Physical Education
Gymnastics Coach.

Cristina Paterna

Physical Therapist
Specialist in Urogynecology and Obstetrics.