Bumby gynie history: 5 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages, 1 still birth, 1 set of identical twins (7 and 7.5 lbs., now aged 25) and 1 easy, lovely singleton (9 1/4 lbs., now aged 20). Birth traumas ended up causing a prolapsed uterus, hysterectomy at 37 years old, prolapsed bladder and rectum followed with surgery for that at 45. I’ve always been athletic, a manual therapist (physio for 32 years) and organic farmer, swimmer, runner, bike commuter. The prolapses and surgeries slowed me down, made me cautious.

Then, 5 years ago, I started studying pelvic physio and that’s become 1/2 of my practice (which I own in the orachard/vineyard small town of Creston in the Kootenays of BC). We can help women stabilize, protect and support a stage II prolapse, reversing somewhat with pelvic physio techniques, but with hypopressives…..OOOOEEEEEEE! What a difference! And the confidence and pelvic/core strength with which I can: run (3 – 5 miles/day), do manual therapy (3 days a week), lift haybales (40 – 60 lbs), stack grain bags (30 lbs.), bike up and down the hills between our farm and my clinic (30 kms. round trip). I’m 55 years old and more excited about physio and fitness and this active life we love than ever before.

Hypopressives have been the missing key in the door for me. I’m so grateful to be able to experience them and now to teach these techniques to women and men in the Creston Valley. And can’t wait for the next level of courses. I’m Full Circle Physiotherapy at Full Circle Health Centre (on facebook by that name with all the contact information, a collaborative clinic with a chiropractor, physiotherapists, Chinese Medicine acupuncturists/herbalists and growing…..), Creston, BC when I’m not on Full Circle Farm in Canyon, BC!

Joanne Gailius