Had heard about Low Pressure Fitness techniques before but I did not think they were for me. Then, almost a year ago I had a blood clot in a vein in my left leg. Doctors kept me in hospital for two weeks and then at home for almost two months. I had to rest as much as possible, try to move very little and keep my leg up all the time. They allowed me to go back to work but I had to keep resting my leg and the only exercise I could do was walking. However, I was not finished with doctors yet because in the tests they discovered I had a tumor in my uterus. They had to wait for the medication to work and for the clot to disappear before I had the surgery to remove the tumor. Finally, I had the surgery, they removed my uterus and the tumor was benign, which was, of course, excellent news.

I knew of the risk for my pelvic floor after such a surgery

After the surgery doctors recommended again home rest to avoid the risk of a hernia. When they told me I was ready to go back to work and to resume normal life I asked if I could do some exercise but they told me it was better if I waited. I needed to do something after almost eight months without exercise but I was concerned about the type of exercise as I knew of the risk for my pelvic floor after such a surgery so I asked the pilates trainer I had before my illness and she recommended to try low pressure fitness with her husband Xavi. I have now been training with Xavi one hour once a week, and then at home twenty minutes every day. My idea at the start was to use these techniques to prepare my body to go back to normal and to avoid long term problems as incontinence, for instance. However I have discovered that low pressure fitness is good for me in the short term as well. I have improved my posture both walking and sitting, I have not had back pains since we started, I have a lot of energy, I have improved my breathing.

María López
English Teacher