I started regular sessions of hypopressive exercises with the aim of enhancing my cycling performance; specifically in order to improve my breathing techniques and posture on the bike. The benefits were two-fold, relating to improvement in cycling performance and faster recovery after physical effort. The immediate benefits I noticed on the bike after the first few sessions were striking. Firstly, deeper, more controlled respiration while cycling, allowing greater ease of cardiac endurance over a challenging route, such as a long mountain climb. Secondly, a more relaxed dorsal posture on the bike, encouraging greater extension of the back and shoulders, counteracting the common cyclist tendency to hunch the shoulders over the handlebar. Following a hard cycle training ride, I found that doing a short session of hypopressive exercise accelerated recovery. I noticed a significant reduction in tiredness after a shorter time and my cardiac frequency dropped to its rest level more quickly. My back, shoulder and stomach muscles also appeared to relax faster.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this type of exercise to any cyclist wishing to complement their training, by improving breathing and posture, as well as by speeding up effort recovery.

Tom Watkinson

English teacher


The dreaded plank has been rated, in the United States, as the best core exercise, however the unfortunate matter is that they cause too much pressure within the abdominal cavity that could cause issues to the pelvic floor causing injuries to your internal organs, the pelvic floor and the spine.

Low Pressure Fitness is a alternative new method from Spain that will truly revolutionize your core. You will stand up taller than before, your belly will be trimmer and pain and injuries will be just a notion of the past.

I have been an athlete my entire life, cycling is my sport of choice, and have experienced all sorts of injuries in my life from a broken leg, ankle, knee (all at the same time) which required two surgeries, herniated discs in my lower back, torn labrum in my shoulder and quite recently a whole new issue which involved my pelvic floor. I was experiencing urinary tract infections for several years and  discovered that the issue was caused by a drop in my bladder which is know as a pelvic organ prolapse.

Have you ever piddled when you laughed?  Well in 2015 I became certified in this revolutionary approach to fitness that has truly converted me and my personal training practice. My bladder has lifted, urinary tract infections are a thing of the past, my chronic back pain is gone!

I realized that the standard way of training the core was causing so much pressure on my pelvic floor which contributed to the bladder dropping. Where I have always helped people with injuries, this new approach has taken my practice to a higher level as I am able to provide true relief from pain. Knowing this, I want to share it with the world and help others, as myself, get the relief that they deserve and help YOU get YOUR life back.

Tina McDermot
Personal Trainer