RiminiWellness is the largest fitness and wellness trade show in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. With participation in 2017 at 268.120, this year’s event promises even greater numbers. Low Pressure Fitness was present this year with 4 workshops and 8 mini masterclasses to present, inform, instruct and demonstrate the pressureless training system to the Italian fitness community. While participants in the masterclasses were predominantly Italian, there were also many participants from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland and many other European countries.




The workshops presented included: “What nobody has ever told you about Core Training, myths and new perspectives”, “The core’s missing link: diaphragm and pelvic floor”, “Myofascial relaxation and Postural Re-Education with LPF” and finally, “Low Pressure Fitness: much more than hypopressives”. Each workshop was attended by fitness professionals as well as physical therapists and other medical professionals, that all expressed interest in this innovative and exciting training method for both men and women.


Low Pressure Fitness: much more than hypopressives


The participants in the mini master classes over the four days included exercise professionals, health professionals as well as exercisers. All were enthusiastic about the new technique and especially the sensations experienced during the workouts that were all geared at teaching the basic fundamental postures and breathing and, where possible, having them try the expiratory apnea, our “signature exercise”.



Low Pressure Fitness staff at Riminiwellness


The staff of Low Pressure Fitness instructors was on-hand to assist the participants during the mini masterclasses and give information and distribute material on LPF in Italy.  They were also invaluable in sharing their own personal experiences and results of their work with many of their own clients to show the participants that the LPF method is both instructor and user-friendly with benefits that can be attained when the exercises are performed with precision. RiminiWellness has proven to be an excellent event to showcase this innovative, multidisciplinary training method. To learn more about Low Pressure Fitness and courses in Italy for health and exercise professionals write us to: [email protected]


Mimi Adami
Low Pressure Fitness Italy Director & LPF-Coach

Low Pressure Fitness Italy


I came to learn about hypopressives after the birth of my third daughter. Always a very active person prior to kids, I felt frustrated by the limitations placed on my physical recovery by the development of an anterior prolapse. Not only was I looking for something to improve my pelvic floor health, but I was desperate to find a focus that could rebuild my core again. Hypopressives changed everything for me. The shape of my body quickly returned to what I used to look like, my pelvic floor symptoms essentially vanished, but most of all I felt a renewed sense of energy. My posture improved dramatically as well. I continue to use hypopressives as my core training to supplement other more cardio-based activities. For me, hypopressives have been just as effective (and much more enjoyable) than any other exercise I have tried in the past to target the core. I don’t miss planks or sit ups in the least! I feel taller, more centered and more energized after a session. I have Trista to thank for helping me to perfect my technique, to focus my practice and to keep me motivated. It was a life changer for me!


Trista Zinn´s Client



Low Pressure Fitness will hold an event in Vigo in June type Live or Party, in line with similar events organized by companies well-know as zumba et Les Milles.

The Training for Trainers event is addressed to all certified Low Pressure Fitness coaches and will have the name of Low Pressure Fitness Experience. During six days, it is offered the possibility to update and improve both training and teaching skills.

We will count the presence of all our national and international coaches, led by our founders, Tamara Rial and Piti Pinsach, to exchange professional aproaches and experiences in a natural and quiet environment.



Low Pressure Fitness Experience: from 2 to 7 June 2017
Pazo Pías [Camiño Cabreira, 21, 36370, A Ramallosa, Nigrán] price: €350 [accommodation not included, you can book a room here] schedule: morning 9:00-14:00 | afternoon 15:00-18:00
Inscriptions here.


Hi Trista! I am so excited and had to share with someone who would understand. I am only a few days into doing the intensive 4 weeks of reprogramming. Yesterday, I actually felt a difference in my perineum and vagina. With my mild prolapses, I have never felt a dragging, heaviness or bulging sensation, but I feel lighter and more supported in that area. Like you have written, I feel that I have vagina of a 16 year old (well, not quite, but getting there). Also, my stress incontinence has definitely improved, this morning when I took my dog for a walk, she ran towards me and instead of veering off, she ran straight into me. She is 50 pounds. I did not even leak a little bit. I thought I would totally wet myself and have to go home and change, but I stayed dry! That really surprised me away this morning! Anyhow, I can’t wait to see how I feel in 3 weeks¡

Ivana McQueen
Trista’s client
Family Lawer


Hi Trista,

I just wanted to thank you.

Five months after I had my prolapse surgery I coughed and ended up having some complications.  I was told that part of my prolapse had returned.  I also told my surgeon that I felt like I was walking around with a walnut between my legs.  I didn’t feel the same.  I was told that this was my new landscape and I was just going to have to get use to it.

I felt completely helpless.  I use to be very active but I was told that I should not even walk too much let alone ride a bike.  Core exercises were out of the question.  All of this left me with so many fears and questions.  How was I going to continue to do my job? How was I ever going to be able to do anything around the house? Would I ever be able to do the activities I loved.  How was I going to keep my back strong? Would it get worse?  Are my organs going to fall out? How was I ever going to feel comfortable having a sexual relationship with my husband?

Then my women’s physiotherapist told me about you.  That day changed my life.

It is hard to believe that in three short months I have made such progress.  At the beginning I thought there was no hope, but working with you on a one to one weekly bases really helped me feel comfortable with the exercises.  You were very encouraging, worked with my limitations, and moved at a pace that made me feel comfortable.

That day changed my life

Doing the exercises on an almost daily basis has really paid off.  The walnut is gone; I feel so much stronger.  I don’t have the constant fear that my organs may fall out with the wrong move.  My back has never felt better.  I am aware of my breathing and posture.  And a bonus… People are telling me how great I look.

You having given me my life back.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With eternal gratitude,



Trista’s client


I have two children aged three and five. After the birth of the first one, i got a haematoma in the epsiotomy that was undertaken, for which I had to be operated on to allow the drainageand two months of healing to form sear tissue. I undergo an annual gynaecological check-up and in the last check-up, after some six months performing hypopressives, my gynaecologist asked me if I do pelvic floor exercises and he congratulated me on the good condition of the perineal area, and, as you can imagine after two births, not to the mention the haematoma in the first, i had suffered greatly.

“It is obvious that you look after yourself”, he told me.

I am overjoyed about having started to do hyopressives they have improved my pelvic floor, I have reduced, my waistline, my tummy is firmer (I had a flabby appearance between the two births and the help to right my posture). I urge you to do them.

Jennifer Lorraine


Hypopressives and Janet came to me at a critical time in my physical life. I had been suffering from problems with my sacroiliac joint for over a year and I was at a point of near desperation. I had taken physiotherapy that offered some relief, but I did not feel like I was
 making forward progress to recovery. My long distance power walking was on hold, working at my desk was limited to short periods and there was just no comfortable way to sleep any more. My physical therapist was working with me on various core exercises but I did not feel a difference, at least not fast enough given the pain. Low Pressure Fitness seemed too simple – how could breathing (or not breathing) deal with a persistent problem? I watched the videos and read a bit online, but it was talking to Janet that made me decide to give it a real try. I turns out she was not only persuasive, but also a wonderful teacher. She worked with me as I struggled through a flu followed by shingles (!), coaching me on how to continue in a manner that worked with my body and kept showing me progress. She helped me to increase my body awareness (who knew the ribs could expand sideways?), kept me from getting too down on myself (why was I such a slow learner?) and worked around my silly schedule to ensure regular sessions. The progress I saw was so quick compared to other things I had tried, and maintaining the internal tone built up is easy (who doesn’t have 20 minutes twice a week?). And when I have fallen out of the habit of my morning routine, the fast progress makes it easier for me to re-establish the routine. So the combination of a “simple” method and a wonderful teacher have helped me rebuild muscles I did not even know I had, and get back to the fun parts of my life. And as I move into my 50’s (and beyond) I see hypopressives as helping me maintain an active lifestyle.

Debora Clayton


The dreaded plank has been rated, in the United States, as the best core exercise, however the unfortunate matter is that they cause too much pressure within the abdominal cavity that could cause issues to the pelvic floor causing injuries to your internal organs, the pelvic floor and the spine.

Low Pressure Fitness is a alternative new method from Spain that will truly revolutionize your core. You will stand up taller than before, your belly will be trimmer and pain and injuries will be just a notion of the past.

I have been an athlete my entire life, cycling is my sport of choice, and have experienced all sorts of injuries in my life from a broken leg, ankle, knee (all at the same time) which required two surgeries, herniated discs in my lower back, torn labrum in my shoulder and quite recently a whole new issue which involved my pelvic floor. I was experiencing urinary tract infections for several years and  discovered that the issue was caused by a drop in my bladder which is know as a pelvic organ prolapse.

Have you ever piddled when you laughed?  Well in 2015 I became certified in this revolutionary approach to fitness that has truly converted me and my personal training practice. My bladder has lifted, urinary tract infections are a thing of the past, my chronic back pain is gone!

I realized that the standard way of training the core was causing so much pressure on my pelvic floor which contributed to the bladder dropping. Where I have always helped people with injuries, this new approach has taken my practice to a higher level as I am able to provide true relief from pain. Knowing this, I want to share it with the world and help others, as myself, get the relief that they deserve and help YOU get YOUR life back.

Tina McDermot
Personal Trainer


Bumby gynie history: 5 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages, 1 still birth, 1 set of identical twins (7 and 7.5 lbs., now aged 25) and 1 easy, lovely singleton (9 1/4 lbs., now aged 20). Birth traumas ended up causing a prolapsed uterus, hysterectomy at 37 years old, prolapsed bladder and rectum followed with surgery for that at 45. I’ve always been athletic, a manual therapist (physio for 32 years) and organic farmer, swimmer, runner, bike commuter. The prolapses and surgeries slowed me down, made me cautious.

Then, 5 years ago, I started studying pelvic physio and that’s become 1/2 of my practice (which I own in the orachard/vineyard small town of Creston in the Kootenays of BC). We can help women stabilize, protect and support a stage II prolapse, reversing somewhat with pelvic physio techniques, but with hypopressives…..OOOOEEEEEEE! What a difference! And the confidence and pelvic/core strength with which I can: run (3 – 5 miles/day), do manual therapy (3 days a week), lift haybales (40 – 60 lbs), stack grain bags (30 lbs.), bike up and down the hills between our farm and my clinic (30 kms. round trip). I’m 55 years old and more excited about physio and fitness and this active life we love than ever before.

Hypopressives have been the missing key in the door for me. I’m so grateful to be able to experience them and now to teach these techniques to women and men in the Creston Valley. And can’t wait for the next level of courses. I’m Full Circle Physiotherapy at Full Circle Health Centre (on facebook by that name with all the contact information, a collaborative clinic with a chiropractor, physiotherapists, Chinese Medicine acupuncturists/herbalists and growing…..), Creston, BC when I’m not on Full Circle Farm in Canyon, BC!

Joanne Gailius


In the insanity since my sister’s new album has taken off better than expected, and I’ve been asked to suddenly put on my professional singing hat after MANY years off, I had to thank the one person who, completely by surprise, has helped me gain a level of skill and vocal strength I’ve never had before: you.

You, and the very basic hypopressive introduction you gave me, have been my new secret weapon in finding the diaphragmatic control and breathing power that saved me when I suddenly had to go from stay-at-home mom/actor/journalist to professional back-up singer.

I’ve got a LONG way to go yet in my training, both vocally and in hypopressive, but I’m still stunned by the drastic improvement in my vocal performance just after the minimal training I’ve done with you.

All to say, I hope to do more training with you in the new year, I am still practicing the basics as part of my vocal warm-up, and I wanted to thank you for this completely unexpected benefit of hypopressive training. You rock.

Professional Back-up singer