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Todays Parents is a Canadian monthly magazine for parents. This magazine addresses topics related to the health, education and behavior of children under 14 years old. Last May ,Todays Parents interviewed Canada´s Low Pressure Fitness director, Trista Zinn about the “horror of suffering a prolapse” and how to prevent or rehabilitate this condition.

Pelvic prolapse is a serious medical condition that impacts many women postpartum. The worst part of this condition is the mystery and lack of knowledge surrounding pelvic floor dysfunctions. Almost all women that have a vaginal delivery have some degree of prolapse or pelvic floor dysfunction that initially doesn´t result in any signs or symptom. Consequently, most women don´t worry about this condition or seek aditional consultation with their healthcare provider.

This was the case of Trista Zinn, Canadas Low Pressure Fitness director. She is a mother who has experienced pelvic organ prolapse. In her words to Todays Parents, “No one talked about it”, “No one told me not to work out right away or educated me about all the muscles and connective tissue that push out the equivalent of a bowling ball”. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 prolapse, from which she was told there was little non-surgical chance of recovery, she was determined to find a non-invasive and less traditional treatment.  She wanted a routine that would effectively target the pelvic floor musculature and help her condition. This is how she discovered the hypopressive technique which are popular in Spain. After two weeks of performing hypopressive breathing and poses, she went back to her healthcare provider and discovered that her stage 2 prolapse had become stage 1.

Trista traveled to Spain to become certified in Low Pressure Fitness in order to train physiotherapist and and help other women with similar conditions.


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