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One of the most popular resolutions for New Year is to join a gym to look good and feel better. Low Pressure Fitness is an innovative workout that can help to achieve these goals. It’s called the PressureLess workout and its benefits are remarkable. It is an opportunity for personal trainers and healthcare professionals to get to know new training tools.


What is Low Pressure Fitness?

A technique that is built on the foundation of yoga´s eastern wisdom and supported by spine rehabilitation exercises from western medicine. The purpose is to reduce high impact stress on the body and overpressure on the spine and core structures. LPF results in toned muscles, enhanced respiratory capability, greater strength, improved appearance and better sexual performance.



Why the PressureLess Workout?

Some internal structures are too weak to support the demands of daily activities. Exercising in a safe way using careful techniques can decrease internal pressure, develop correct postural habits and enhance breathing. This approach will help restore muscle balance and rejuvenate your life: it is the the PressureLess Workout.


Who benefits from Low Pressure Fitness?

Sedentary individuals and elite athletes can benefit from Low Pressure Fitness. Beginners can learn new exercises with appropiate instruction making practice safe and low risk. Elite athletes can enhance performance and reduce the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction. Low Pressure Fitness can be performed alone or as part of an Integrative health/fitness program.

If you want to look good and feel better, Low Pressure Fitness can be your exercise resolution.

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