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With the purpose of Keeping British Columbians Moving for Life, the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia invited Tamara Rial and Trista Zinn to give a course on Low Pressure Fitness for pelvic floor health in March, 2016 in Vancouver. The Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) provides leadership and direction to the physiotherapy profession, fosters excellence in practice, education and research and promotes high standards of health in British Columbia. Founded in 1927 as a Branch of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the PABC became incorporated in 1945.

Low Pressure Fitness is a revolutionary and global approach to Core Health that combines a unique breathing technique with varying postures and poses. Practiced worldwide, this method of training in being recognized in North America for its wide range of health benefits. While initially developed as a non-surgical treatment for women with pelvic floor health issues, the pressureless workout has evolved into a complete core training program that benefits all ages and lifestyles.

This course will explore the theory behind LPF, explain its practical applications, and will discuss the evolution of LPF from a rehabilitation tool to a full body reprogramming method.
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